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Common Mistakes made in Writting Exams

There are several common mistakes that are made on the exams. Some of them are poor time management, careless reading of the question, and poor use of diagrams.

One of the common mistake that I make during exams is the careless reading of the questions. I often make this mistake thinking that I’ve got the question firm in my mind. But, it is quite common that you really don’t have the firm idea of what you are going to write on the question box. So it is needless to say that you must read the questions carefully.

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Data Response Section 4 Reflection

I have got the score of 20 out of 20. I have answered to every question asked and I think that this was the reason why I have got the perfect score. However, there were some improvements to be made. Firstly, my hand writing was not that neat. It would frustrate the examiner who might be grading 100-200 papers a day if the writing illegible. Also, I finished 15 minutes before the test ended. I think that I should be used this time to examine and correct on some of the mistakes I have made.

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