JAL receives far more early retirement applications than planned

The Japanese Kanji for Loyalty

Breitbart: News Article

According to Breitbart, Japan Airline (JAL) has received 4,000 early retirement applications, which far exceeded the intended amount of 2,700 applications.

JAL has been filed for bankruptcy protection by the Japanese government and has determined to cut down its employment cost along with other costs.

“JAL has indicated that its creditors have asked the airline to expand its group-wide job cuts from the originally planned 15,700 over the next three years. It is now considering a plan to cut 16,400 jobs from its current group workforce of 50,000 by the end of March 2011.”

According to Nihon Keizai Shimbun, as the future of JAL became vague, many of JAL employees have volunteered for an early retirement.

In my opinion, this showed one aspect of Japanese business culture. The employees are very very loyal to their company. Unlike other countries with boisterous labor unions, many Japanese workers accepted ‘voluntary’ retirement. However, I have sensed the feeling that not only Japanese worker’s loyalty has caused this. I think that there could have been some ‘forceful’ atmosphere during the ‘suggestion’ of voluntary retirements.

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    Jessica said,

    Dear Sang,

    Wow you’ve written so much! I’m trying to catch up with you, but it gets harder as hours go by!

    I enjoy reading your blog, primarily because of your writing style.

    Thank you for this post of yours, which is quite deeply meaningful albeit the fact that it is only couple paragraphs long. The workers need to realize that obeying (or being faithful) has limits, and literally giving their lives up isn’t the proper way of living. From the boss’s point of view, he shouldn’t be asking them to leave. He must allow them to have their time. Life just can’t be ran by totalitarian. That just goes against human rights, if you ask me, though it may be “little” to actually have the police coming after. Even a minimal violation should be considered a substantial amount of error and ought to have the same consequences for those who do.

    I hate to see this reoccurring in history. No matter how much we prosper, we seem to forget the fundamentals – the morals – that should bind our minds and hearts.

    Sang, I’m very sure that you will be successful. You have the capability of becoming a great leader, that all will be loyal to, only because you are kind and you will care for them. You’ve been through tough times, at least I know you have from August of 2009, and they will be useful in years ahead. In that sense, suffering is a gift; we learn what to do and not do. And I firmly believe that one cannot rise as high and be favored by ones below, by making them fear him. It’ll all be a firework – lasting only a blink.

    Thank you again, Sang. I’m looking forward to every post of yours.


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