Tummy Tuck Jeans


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In this video, it researched about the company, “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans”, how it was successful despite the economic recession. They targetted women over 40 years-old who still want to be fashionable.  But, there aren’t any jean-companies making jeans for these women. This company knew this and started to make jeans for these 40 years-old women. These women were not in economic difficulties like 20~30’s. So the jeans this company was selling was income-inelastic. This means that these women will not buy less jeans when their income decreases. It could be said that this company has created a ‘niche market,’ which satisfies specific people with specific products.


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    I copied a text from your blog and I say it’s from yours. That one about a book you read about the Rothschild fortune. It’s interesting.

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